Mandir Mandir

Product Specifications:

  • Acrylic - Durable & Tough Material.
  • Wooden Support, wherever needed,
  • Decorative Material:LED Lighting with Multi-Operational Remote, Driver & Adapter.

Want to design a Mandir for your Home?

Process for Online Buying:

  • Click on Order Now fill the form or Call us on +91 9923394544.
  • Share the Address.
  • Our team will reach your place in committed time, with measuring tools.
  • Will measure the space.
  • Will share the Designs and have a detailed discussion about how we together can make a Beautiful Pooja Mandir for your home
  • The team will share the design in a day's time.
  • After the design finalization, we will share the Estimate for the Work.
  • On receiving advance amounts, work will be done at full pace.
  • Once the mandir is Completed our team will install it at your home and collect the balance amount.

Note: Time taken to make an Attractive Pooja Mandir will be discussed with you. As it varies as the size of the Mandir.

Our Designs


Decorative Acrylic Pooja Mandir for Home

Every home has an energy space, from where each member of the family is receiving the energy for daily activities. We feel Gratified when the Pooja Mandir in our Home is Designed and Crafted well, where all our Energy Source always resides. We can call this Energy Space by many names, like Pooja Room, Pooja Mandir, Prayer Room, Puja Ghar (Pooja Ghar), Home Temple, Worship Place, Meditation Room, God's Room, Devotional Room, and many more.

Scholars say, the earliest mentions of the puja is in the Grihya Sutras, which are the rules for domestic rites. These Sutras, called puja are the rituals to explain the hospitality to honor Deities and priests who were invited to one’s home for showering blessings. Since the Vedic times, the concept of pooja remained the same but extended to welcoming the deity along with the deity's spiritual essence as one's honored guest. As we are inviting God's to our homes to stay with us, we have to have a beautiful place made for them to reside. As we decorate our homes for our living we should also have a Decorative and Energetic Place for our loved Gods.

People from ancient times make special mandir's for the deities in their homes and keep statues of the Gods they worship. There were wooden mandir in small or in big size, depending on the home sizes, some people have special rooms called puja ghar made for daily rituals.

As per the changing times, many new techniques and materials are available for us to decorate Pooja Mandirs. Nowadays people prefer Mandir's made from Acrylic than traditional wooden Pooja Mandirs. Because it saves cost and Aesthetically Acrylic Looks very Attractive than other materials. We have an easy hand to decorate the Acrylic Pooja Mandirs with Lighting and other decorative materials. As acrylic comes with varied colors, which is an additional advantage over the limited color options in wooden mandirs. Acrylic is Termite free material and easy to maintain. With Laser technology, Acrylic can be cut in the various designs of your choice.

The Professional Artists at Cala Udyog, are skilled and experienced to design Beautiful and Unique Mandir for your homes. We design the Pooja mandirs as per the space available in your home. Every Customized Pooja Mandir made by our team is unique, and which will illuminate the decorations of your home. Let the space be small or big. We have design experts to make it great. While working with each mandir, we take great care to make it unique, elegant, attractive, and fit it to the Interior Decoration Pattern. All the Pooja Mandir are made by Skilled Hands, so be assured of its quality and durability. We have a variety of designs you can go through, and call us for designing the best Pooja Mandir at your place.