About Cala Udyog

Our History/Story :

It started with a practical experience that happened with us. We were searching for a vendor who can give us unique interior Decorative items which are very new. We had a concept but finding a vendor was a very difficult task. People whom we met were unprofessional and making them understand our concept was a great challenge. It took so many days and all our ideas started melting down & we dropped the idea. It is said that, if you wish something from the bottom of your heart, the whole universe comprises to bring that wish towards you. And the same thing happened. One of our founders got a chance to visit the Make in India Exhibition, valued at Mumbai. He saw the laser cutting technology with the machine & its applications. He immediately called up the other founder and the wheel started rolling. And Funds were arranged by different sources. All the setup was done and many ideas started flowing in the founder’s mind.It took 2 years to put down the ideas into reality, And our product range was ready.This beautiful product range was appreciated by each & every person visiting our work area.

It was a great boosting for all of us to make new and unique products. It was clearly 7 stamped in everyone’s mind that not to tolerate any copied product. It took time but we are happy and ready with unique products which will beautify the homes of our customers. It gave altogether a different experience to celebrate Ganpati Festival with our unique design Ganpati Makhar with a variety of Designs.The wall murals with varied categories & designs icing on the cake.Beautifully designed Illusion lamps light up the homes & rooms of the people, was a great celebration for us.Then it was time to use previous experience and apply in our passion by designing architectural scale models.We started receiving customized orders for Sign-Boards & Signpages, interior jali cutting, branding at offices and many other services.This is really happening, we sometimes pinch each other, like those our dreams & now we are living daily.We want to thank our customers, guides, a mentor who supported, motivated, educated us on every step we proceeded with.Keep tracking us every time as there will be something new & unique for you all the time to assist you in home decoration, business branding, marketing & promotional items.

Our Founders :

Prashant Range:- “The design Guru”.

Give him an idea about the product he will come up with a design and all technical details of that product.

A professional & design graduate of fine arts who has a very rich experience of 18 years in designing different products in various industries has made him so sound in designing, technology and picking the right nerve of the product and ideas shared with him. The design form of Cala Udog is so strong & Forceful that you give him an idea, he is ready with a product within no time.

Rishikesh Datar:- “Brainy Money”.

Yes Brainy, Because he is always on a search for the best brainy for the company.

An MBA in finance has a very heavy task to bring in Monies for smooth operation & best talent to give you a best and unique product output & professional services. Has a very rich experience of 12 years in handling challenging domains like Finance & HR in different industry types. He acts as Financial Arm and Brainy Head for Cala Udyog.

Yadnesh Snawane:- “A Family Person”.

He is always on toes to keep the Cala Udyog Family happy, satisfied and intact. He is on the mission to come up with new ventures, associations, ideas and to grow the family in all dimensions & directions. A marketing MBA graduate having 13 years of experience in different verticals like media, animation, architectural, interior visualization & real estate industry of India. Has travelled all metros & many cities of India for business associations, client meetings and business development.

The fire to take our business all across India & globe never lets him stop or rest. Ideas to tackle challenges and make things happen to make him & his team a super achiever. He is responsible for tasks like marketing, sales, promotions, branding, digital marketing, business development. New product ideas and customer satisfaction, ohh….. it's not the correct term instead it should be making a family member happy and preserving happy relationships forever.

It’s a complete blend of these 3 guys. They are a mirror of each other, all are on the big mission to be a part of Indian development thought to be a small part, to make a difference to once live and give back to society with what they learned and achieved. They always shine for happy faces.

Our Achievements :

“Woods are lovely dark & deep,
We have promises to keep,
Miles to go before sleep,
And miles to go before we sleep”
by Robot Forest

These lovely lines really fit our ideology. We don’t count our achievement in members, ratio or percentage, instead, we relate with satisfied hearts, happy faces, long-lasting relationships. Our principle book has very selective & differentiating thoughts which motivate us every now & then. We practice every day to bring smiles, increase family members and touch each one's heart with something new & unique products & services.

Our team

Creative Experts :

These Professional artists are out of the box thickness. Having the degrees in designing & on-hand experience of decades make them unique product developers.

Mision :

To glow up every Indian home with Indian made products.

Vision :

To be a global leader in unique home decorating products.